Thursday, 10 September 2015

Get Your Design On – the Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge is Back!


Stratasys is pleased to announce the opening of the 12th Annual Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge (#ExtremeRedesign). Students of all levels from all over the world are eligible to enter our annual contest to create amazing new products or improve an existing product.

Last year’s competition drew more than 780 entries from 10 countries!

The contest categories include:

  • Engineering: Secondary Education (middle and high school)
  • Engineering: Post-Secondary (university, college or post-secondary)
  • Art and architecture (any grade level)

Last year's winners for Engineering: 
Post Secondary, Melanie Gralow and Lena Heemann, 
University of Bremen, for "Cooling With Heat"

This year there is an additional category for all age divisions: “Make a Difference.” Students are invited to create or modify a design that has the potential to be a force for change, like making an impact socially or economically, adding environmental friendliness, or increasing efficiency.

As an added bonus, if you’re a member school with NCATC (National Coalition of Advanced Technology Centers), you’re eligible to be selected as the Coalition’s prize-winning top entry in the post-secondary category.

What Educators and Students Need to Know
Designs will be accepted to the 12th Annual Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge from September 2, 2015 through February 4, 2016.

Entries should be mechanically sound, realistic and achievable, and will be judged based on:

  • Mechanical design and part integrity
  • Compelling description (written and/or video)
  • Creative design
  • Product usefulness
  • Aesthetic appeal (art and architecture category)

Individual students or two-person teams are required to create designs using 3D CAD software. Each submission must have design files in .STL format sent to Stratasys, along with a written description (minimum 200 words) and/or a 30-second video explaining the value and benefit of the Extreme Redesign model.

A Rewarding Experience!
Each entrant into the Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge will receive a contest T-shirt. Semi-finalists will receive a model of their design produced on a Stratasys 3D Printer.

After the final round of judging from industry experts and Stratasys staff, the prizes will include:

  • $2,500 (USD) to first place in each category
  • $1,000 (USD) to second place in each category
  • US $1,500 (USD) to the winner of the “Make a Difference” bonus category. 

Additionally, the instructor of the first place student/team receives a limited-time demo Stratasys 3D Printer to use in the classroom. The winning design from a post-secondary NCATC member school will receive $1,000 (judged by NCATC).

As always, we at Objective3D and Stratasys are eagerly anticipating the thoughtful, useful and creative designs sparked by the Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge! For more information, contest rules and application instructions, visit the Extreme Redesign page.

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