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Top 5 3D Printing Misconceptions

Given the roller coaster of attitudes towards 3D printing in recent years, it can feel like there is a plethora of misinformation on the technology. Misinformation has led to misguidance, misuse and ultimately distrust. To fully embrace 3D printing in all its varied forms, and therefore achieve the greatest overall value from what could be a crucial project solution, we’ve gathered some of the most common misconceptions we’ve heard from newcomers and industry veterans alike and addressed where the misconception comes from and how 3D printing breaks the mold.

Misconception 1: 3D printing can’t produce real functional parts. This misconception stems from early realities for the technology. In the first decade or so, 3D printed plastics were mostly relegated to photocure materials which were not durable. Most 3D printing processes did not have good tolerances or automation in place to aid in controlling the build to achieve a specific need. By about 2000, however, 3D printing was already …