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Katy Perry brings 3D Printing to the Stage in her Prismatic World Tour

Opening scene of the Prismatic World Tour featuring
Katy Perry and backing dancers wearing Stratasys 3D
Printed mohawks, Photo by Jason Williamson

Stratasys technology is illuminating the stage in the opening song of US pop star Katy Perry’s “Prismatic” World Tour, with vibrantly colored 3D printed mohawks produced by leading Hollywood special effects company, Legacy Effects.

Inspired by the plume of an ancient Roman’s imperial-centurion helmet, the mohawk’s main structure is manufactured using Stratasys 3D printing and features captivating, colorful programmed lighting in the plume. With the prominent theme of color running throughout the tour, the headpiece wows audiences with a spectrum of bright lights, igniting an explosion of spectacular fireworks in the opening song.

The final end-use Stratasys 3D Printed mohawk for the Katy Perry Tour Set to feature throughout the year-long world tour, each Mohawk is personalized to perfectly fit the individual backing dancer, ensurin…