Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Packaging Power Article in Curve

The new issue of Curve is available now and there is a really interesting story on the importance of product packaging.

Quote from Curve:
Most people don't realise that when they buy packaged goods that there is a huge amount of work behind it, from designers to packaging producers. But not Brigitte and Jean Jacques Evrard, the high-profile, multi-award-winning founders of the internationally renowned packaging awards program – the Pentawards. Brigitte Evrard spoke to Curve about the importance of packaging design as a communication tool for global business.

To read more, subscribe to curve at http://www.curve.com.au/CurrIssuesDet.html

RapidPro is active in the creation of new packaging prototypes for designers, using many different prototyping processes depending on the desired result. From colour 3D printing in plaster/epoxy to fused deposition modelling, objet printing, silicon tooling and short run injection or blow moulded samples, RapidPro is able to tailor a prototyping process to suit your needs.

For more information on using any of these prototyping processes, check out our website at www.rapidpro.com.au or for specific information or a detailed quote, please call on 1300 559 454.

A Climate for Change - are you aware of the latest trends in business response to sustainability expectations?

A Climate for Change - are you aware of the latest trends in business response to sustainability expectations?

RapidPro is!

As you may be aware - We have been an environmentally responsible business with Carbon Neutral status for over one year, and we are continually looking at minimising our environmental footprint.

This article mentions the importance of sustainability in the development of new products - The latest McKinsey Global Survey (Feb. 2010) found that "more than 50 percent of executives consider sustainability-the management of environmental, social, and governance issues-"very" or "extremely" important in a wide range of areas, including new-product development, reputation building, and overall corporate strategy".

Prototyping, packaging and the development of new products is our core business, and we can proudly stand tall among our competitors knowing that we are not only working hard for our customers, but also for the environment!