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Prototyping Expands into Production

“If you’re thinking of Rapid Prototyping as useful for one-off components only, then you’re missing the big picture."
Rapid Prototyping is no longer confined to one-off parts, expanding into Direct Digital Manufacturing and the capabilities of rapid prototyping technologies like FDM are rapidly expanding this once specialised industry.

Simon Bartlett, Senior Engineer at RapidPro works first hand at RedEye On Demand’s Australasian build centre. “Fused Deposition Modelling was originally popular with the prototyping sector for custom one-offs, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.”

“FDM technologies can be used for Injection Moulding, Bridge Tooling, Paper Pulp Tooling, Blow Moulding, Direct Digital Manufacturing, Jigs and fixtures, “Go or No-Go” gauges and fully functional parts.”

FDM is used when accuracy is paramount, and with large build platforms, repeatable, accurate build software and hardware as well as a broad range of thermoplastic materials, low volume manufacturing is no…