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3D printing brings low cost energy solutions to developing countries

The idea of leveraging renewable energy sources to bring electricity to the developing world is a potential solution to a serious global problem. Companies are using 3D printing to shape and test innovative concepts and designs that can make a difference in the lives of millions of people.

Solar In a Suitcase: The Making of the FORTY2 This video on South Dakota start-up Peppermint Energy illustrates  the company’s flagship product, the FORTY2, a portable solar generator that draws enough energy from the sun to provide light, refrigerate medicine or food, or power a laptop. A battery connected to the array stores power for use when the sun is down. Its simple format and rugged casing can ease disaster relief and elevate the quality of life where electricity is scarce. The energy it delivers is clean, reliable and free.
Behind the scenes, the story of how the FORTY2 was transformed from a spark of an idea into a desert-durable product with global distribution is inspiring. …

Two New Reasons To Smile About 3D Printing for Digital Dentistry

This week saw Stratasys release two new dental specific 3D printing items: the Objet Eden260V Dental Advantage 3D Printer for dental and orthodontic labs; and VeroGlaze, a dental material for natural looking dental models with A2 teeth color shade, plus fine details and resolution. These exciting new releases are set to help dental labs make the leap to advanced digital dentistry and service their customers faster, consistently and more accurately than ever before.

The new Objet  Eden260V Dental Advantage 3D Printer
The new Objet Eden260V Dental Advantage 3D Printer provides a lower cost entry to advanced digital dentistry. This means labs can rapidly produce dental and orthodontic appliances, replacing time-consuming manual models and model-making with intraoral scanner output and 3D printing.
Avi Cohen, Director of Global Dental at Stratasys, said:
“The Objet Eden260V Dental Advantage can create a wide range of dental models, surgical guides, positioning trays and orthodontic …

University upgrades to Multi-Material printing

When Objective3D upgraded Victoria University of Wellington's 3D printer to an Objet 500 Connex multi-material printer, it opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

The Objet 500 Connex is able to print flexible and rigid materials simultaneously, with over 120+ digital materials available. It is this technology that allowed Victoria University's Richard Clarkson to design and print his 'Seamless Blossom Project' - the world's first inflatable 3D printed flowers.

"This project is the exploration of what we can start to do with 3D printers," said Richard Clarkson. "The flowers came about by the idea of trying to create this organic form from this totally inorganic process."

An interactive display, the flowers open and close as air is moved into the internal chamber. No electronics are used.

Multi-material printing reduces the number of steps and processes involved to produce a single part of assembly. Flexible and rigid materials are printed…