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New Digital ABS Available Now!

A new version of digital ABS is available now from Objective3D. Suitable for Objet Connex printers, ABS2 has all the properties of the original Digital ABS photopolymer, with superior rigidity and toughness in thin walls to 1mm.  Best of all, it is now available in Ivory!
Watch the video below to see Sam Green and Zehavit Reisin of the Stratasys Materials Business Group showcase the various merits of the latest Digital ABS material options.

Digital ABS (fabricated inside the 3D printer from RGD515 and RGD535) is designed to simulate standard ABS plastics by combining high-temperature resistance with toughness. Digital ABS2 delivers those properties plus superior rigidity and toughness in walls thinner than 1.2 mm (.047 in.). Both materials are suitable for parts that require PolyJet technology’s highest possible impact resistance and shock absorption.
Digital ABS and Digital ABS2 are ideal for:
Functional prototypes Molds Snap-fit parts for high or low temperature use Electrical par…

Heart surgeons utilise 3D printing technology

Heart surgeons and Mechanical Engineers at the Children's National Pediatric Institute for Surgical Innovation recently 3D Printed a polyjet version of a patient's heart using a Connex 500.

The patient suffered stenosis, or narrowing of the passage between two heart chambers, and the 3D printed heart was able to help surgeons accurately evaluate which kind and size of stent should be fitted and also the best access path for the procedure.

Laura Olivieri, a Pediatric Cardiologist said, "There is still so much we need to learn about this new technology. Right now it is going from feasible to usable."

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How to get the most from 3D printing

RedEye On Demand VP Jim Bartle spoke to Design News at the Manufacturing of the Future Summit at Stratasys Ltd to discuss how 3D printers can create parts of virtually any geometry. Interestingly, he also mentioned that engineers need a solid grasp of the technology to make the most of 3D printing technology.  

At RedEye Australasia and Objective3D we help engineers and designers to take full advantage of the myriad benefits and cost savings that 3D printing has to offer. Speak to one of our engineers today to discuss your project requirements, to print a 3D part or to talk about how a 3D printer could fit in at your workplace.  

Read the full article via the link above or see how Jim explains the 3D process by watching the clip below.

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3D hat is ready to wear on Melbourne Cup Day 2013

Rebecca Judd wore a 3D Printed fascinator to this year's Melbourne Cup, and it was proudly 3D printed by RedEye Australasia at their build centre in Melbourne. Designed by Danica Erard (@demillinery) and drawn as a 3D CAD file by Jeese Leeworthy, the fascinator took on 12 hours to build!

Manufactured using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), the fascinator is made is nylon, so it is very strong yet flexible, allowing motion and movement in the headpiece.

Painted to suit Rebecca's Tony Maticevski dress, Australia is finally beginning to embrace the many wonderful uses of 3D printing technologies, and the experts who print a wide array of fabulous items everyday!

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A new force in 3D Printing has arrived!

Objective 3D and RapidPro MergeGood News! Objective 3D and RapidPro are merging which means a greater range of services, expertise and discounts to existing clients. 

From November 6 Objective 3D will offer part sales and finishing in both Australia and New Zealand through their new 3D printing division - RedEye Australasia.

Utilising all the skills and knowledge of RapidPro’s team of engineers and 3D print technicians, the RedEye Australasia Build centre will have even greater capabilities and services offering even more 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions to existing clients. Still operating from separate sites in the short term, the merged operation will come together in a state of the art build centre before the end of the year.

Objective3D will continue to distribute Stratasys 3D printers and materials, service and install Stratasys 3D printers, as well as offering even more training opportunities to existing machine owners by utilising the expertise of th…