Monday, 23 July 2012

New Objet Movie

If the Objet Deskjet can make parts and prototypes from 7 different materials, imagine what RapidPro can do with our commercial sized Connex Machine and its 107 different digital materials and combinations including overmoulding!

Watch the new Objet movie here. It showcases just some of the materials available and the resolution you can achieve. Obviously your parts will not come to life and print their own family, but the individual components at the end are examples of the finish you can expect. Of course RapidPro's Connex Machine does have a higher Z resolution than the parts shown, so you can expect an even finer surface finish when you choose to build with us.

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Friday, 13 July 2012

A Hard Earned Prototype for VB

"At Buzz, we understand the importance of prototyping on products with mechanisms and movement. Within 2 weeks we had made 9 different rounds of prototypes, from a basic cardboard mockup to the sophisticated FDM model from RapidPro. This gave us confidence to push the button on over $300k in tooling, just days after receiving the part from RapidPro." Doug Buckle, Buzz Products

When Buzz Products were asked to work on last summer's VB promotion, nobody realised how popular the VB fridge would be!

The campaign involved buying 12 slabs of VB to get a free beer fridge which played the VB theme song every time a beer was requested. 3000 fridges were originally built, but these were sold out with 3 weeks, so more were ordered to cope with demand.

Buzz contacted RapidPro to assist in prototyping the internal mechanisms for the bottle dispenser utilising RedEye Australia's FDM build centre.

"The shelving inside the fridge needed to be strong enough to hold a slab of beer, and we needed the parts fast," says Doug Buckle, Creative Director at Buzz Products. "RapidPro always provides us with amazing service and a fast turnaround so we had no hesitation in taking the project to them for prototyping."

"We discussed the requirements of the project and Buzz's expectations," says Simon Bartlett, Engineering Manager at RapidPro. "From that information we tailored a solution to meet their tight timeline, as well as strength and durability concerns."

"ABS-M30 using FDM technology was the obvious choice and we were able to have finished parts delivered to Buzz within 36 hours."

In addition to the VB Vending machine, Buzz also developed a thermo-cooler bag and a VB ice alarm to notify would-be drinkers when their beer is getting too cold!

For more information on Buzz, click here.

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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Need help to repair STL files or convert CAD data?

If you have CAD data and are looking at 3D printing your design, get it checked by upload your files with AnyDimension at

For just $15 (USD) per hour (min charge one hour), you get peace of mind that your files are print ready, with no surface blemishes or tags
Services include:
STL Repair - Fixes your defective STL files: inversion of flipped triangles, stitching of bad edges, filling of holes, trimming of surfaces and merging of shells. We are very good at fixing architectual files for 3D printing.

CAD to STL or CAD Conversion - Translates your cad file to STL format or any other format that you may require. We support most software packages. 

Convert 2D models to 3D - Converts 2D drawings into 3D CAD formats you require. We specialise in converting 2D Architectual drawings into 3D CAD files for 3D printing.