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Objective3D seminars showcase DDM capabilities to a full house

Objective3D ran the first of the seminar series planned for 2015 with impressive attendance at both the Melbourne and Sydney seminars.

With a full house and an International line up, guests at the Sydney and Melbourne Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM) seminars were treated to a wealth of information from professionals across all facets of the Additive Manufacturing industry.  The focus of this first series was how 3D Printers can augment and accelerate traditional manufacturing processes and production. Bender Kutub, Applications Engineer for Stratasys USA, shared his experience as a Mechanical Engineer with a strong focus on the analysis and design of composite materials and structures. His proficiency in testing and manufacturing of composites brought a unique perspective to the role 3D printing can play in most industries and manufacturing sectors. His main interest in Aerospace and Automotive applications of Additive Manufacturing also showcased the durability and high performance …