Monday, 27 March 2017

Learn how to Implement 3D Printing into Your Business Model

In the decades since its invention, 3D printing, has proved to have long-term benefits for businesses that incorporated the technology into their business models and operations. More companies are looking to save the time and money 3D printing offers them. However, it’s not always easy to make this transition and many businesses need help identifying how to fully leverage the benefits of 3D Printing. Objective3D Direct Manufacturing Professional Services exists to provide guidance for these businesses. They offer truly customised manufacturing solutions for your company by evaluating your operations, identifying opportunities for 3D Printing, assessing its impact, and offering training services on how to use this remarkable technology.

Objective3D are hosting a Professional 3D Printing and 3D Scanning Workshops where you can learn the details and advantages of different 3D Printing solutions, engage in-depth about new applications and participate in hands-on demonstrations.
The customised training curriculum is intended to support a range of players, including machine operators, manufacturing or process engineers, product development, design engineers and management. From technology overviews and technology selection to building an internal 3D Printing center, the engineers at Objective3D Direct Manufacturing team will speak to several topics to get your business started with utilizing 3D printing.
Workshop topics include:

Selecting the Right Technology 

New advances in manufacturing technologies may have you asking, what is the best fit for my

You want the best quality and precision possible, but also want to keep costs down.
This presentation delves into the unique benefits and the difference between key manufacturing solutions available today and how to identify which technology is best for your project.

FDM and LS Technology, Materials and Production Applications

Learn the details about Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and Laser Sintering (LS) technology, their materials and which applications they service. FDM and LS offer unique benefits, especially for production parts. Increased knowledge of these processes will help you design for the technologies and determine the best steps for your project.

Rapid PrototypingDesign for 3D Printing

Understanding the fundamentals of part design and preparation of files for 3D Printing will impact the way you design for this cutting-edge technology. Leave the design constraints of traditional tooling behind and unleash the benefits of free-form fabrication with LS and FDM. Learn how to utilize 3D Printing to take advantage of reduced material consumption, weight reduction, and most importantly, increased functionality.

Post Processing Workshop

Get hands-on experience with the methods and tools used to post-process LS and FDM parts. Attendees will remove support material, hand sand parts to fit, join parts together with a bond, drill and add inserts, taps, and more.

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These topics and more will help your business ramp up and begin the process to implementation of 3D Printing. The Workshop is limited to an intimate group of 6 to a class, so sign-up now to save your spot!