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RedEye Australasia Blog released

If you are already a fan of the RapidPro blog, be sure to check out the new RedEye Australasia blog at

With regular updates on RedEye, FDM, Direct Digital Manufacturing and Stratasys worldwide, you'll be able to keep abreast of what is happening internationally from a world leader in Rapid Prototyping Technology.

RedEye Australasia is Australia's largest FDM build centre - The Factory of the Future.
Click on the Picture above to see a video of this Full Sized Turbo Propellor being built using Stratasys (RedEye) FDM technology.

Prototyping Waterproof Panic Buttons

Panic buttons are not a new concept in Nursing Homes and Aged Care facilities; however, those that are permanent fixtures in Aged Care Facilities are generally only splashproof, not waterproof.

A builder working on a new Nursing Homes and Aged Care Facility contacted RapidPro after he was unable to find a waterproof panic button suitable for installation inside a shower cubicle.

The result is a mountable panic button surround that easily converts a pendant or watch style panic button into permanent wall mounted device, eliminating the need to wear a portable device whilst showering.
"The freedom to shower without the panic button pendant or watch would be liberating," said one regular wearer. "I'd like one fitted in my shower!"

FDM was selected as the most suitable rapid prototyping process for the project, with the surround built from ABS using RedEye Australasia's Build Centre.

"The new surface finish we can achieve with the new RedEye finishing technolog…