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Implementing 3D Printing: In-house or Outsource?

Your business needs 3D printed parts. Multiple market surveys indicate that most businesses, if not already using, are evaluating 3D printing for product development and manufacturing. They are investing in training designers and engineers specifically for 3D printing and recruiting new employees with experience with additive manufacturing to prepare for the future. Most companies understand the benefits of additive manufacturing and can identify prototype and production parts prime for 3D printing, but the path to operational implementation is not always clear. Do you buy a 3D printer or order parts through a 3D printing service provider like Objective3D Service Bureau? Budget is obviously a factor, but what about the type of system(s) you need? Do you need multiple platforms? What materials are required? Will training be involved? Each route has its unique benefits and can better serve certain objectives and business models. The following considerations will help you start to weigh …