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Building a 3D model or Rapid Prototype from Zbrush

Zbrush has taken the design industry by storm. A digital sculpting and painting program, Zbrush has revolutionized the 3D industry with its powerful features and intuitive workflows. Used by animators, studios, artists and designers, a 3D model is easily created on screen. However, these can also be built, or printed, using rapid prototyping technology.

Building a physical 3D model is different to creating a 3D image on screen. On screen it doesn't matter if parts do not actually touch. When building a physical model, this is paramount. All items must touch, they must be able to be physically built and weighted to stand (if necessary).

An excllent article about this can be found at

Josh Harker, in an article at Zbrush Central, suggests 10 key factors when using Zbrush to create models for 3D printing:

1. Avoid extreme “wrinkles” in your mesh that overlap into a mess of polygons. Your surface does not need to be smooth but take care not to compromise the skin into a c…

Importance of Professional Maintanance

RapidPro and RedEye Australasia have just had Daryl Baumgartner, a service engineer from Stratasys, to our build centre to service all the FDM machines.

This major service is part of our Quality Control Program.

We feel very fortunate to have had someone of Daryl's calibre to our build centre because not only does he work for Stratasys in the United States, he actually wrote the service manual!

Try FDM for your next prototyping project and rest assured your project is being built by professionally serviced and maintained machines operating at their optimal capacity.

Announcing the 1st Pacific Additive Manufacturing Forum

Additive Manufacture (AM), also referred to as 3D printing, is now playing an ever increasing role in a range of industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical and defence because of the many benefits if offers compared to traditional subtractive technologies.

The 1st Pacific Additive Manufacturing Forum (PAMF) aims to bring together industry professionals, engineers, researchers, and equipment and material suppliers to hear the latest developments and trends in Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology from international speakers and local industry players.

The one-day Forum in Melbourne will serve as the opening for half day presentations in Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane from 8 to 15 June 2011 organised in partnership with the Defence Materials Technology Centre.

Registrations and information: