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New Stratasys Smoothing Station arrives in Australia for ReadyPart Finish

RedEye Australasia is proud to announce the arrival of the new Stratasys Finishing Touch Smoothing Station for use on all ABS FDM parts.

Giving ABS parts a surface finish similar to injection-moulded parts, but at only a fraction of the cost, the ReadyPart surface finish makes FDM parts 15 times smoother, as well as watertight.

You can now opt for a ReadyPart finish in gloss or satin.


* The surface finish is ideal for painting and chroming.

* Smoothed parts work well as mold masters for silicone molding, sand casting, or
investment casting.

* Smoothed parts are watertight and can be employed for applications requiring moderate air or water pressure.

* Excellent representation of injection moulded parts for a fraction of the cost.

1. Before - no finishing 2. After - Satin Finish 3. After - Gloss Finish

Whether you're creating concept models, patterns or end use parts, now you can make them even smoother, with no delay in build …

Z-Corp 3D printing used to identify POW/MIA remains

A recent article in Mechanical Engineering explains how 3D printing is becoming an important tool in even more ways than one.

The Central Identification Library of the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) in Pearl Harbour Hawaii are now using 3D printing and reverse engineering via scanning to identify forensic evidence of POW/MIA remains.

They are able to take a scan of an incomplete skull or skull that is unable to be removed from the site, and build an exact 3D replica or model from plaster. They are then able to use this model to match photographic records of soldiers Missing in Action.

The use of this technology is now giving closure to families who may otherwise have not none the fate of their loved ones.

Read the full article at Mechanical Engineering.

Congratulations Outerspace!

We would like to congratulate Outerspace for receiving the Best of Show award at the 2010 Australian Packaging awards.

The innovative Golden Circle Chilled Juice Bottle for Heinz Australia was awarded Best of Show as the “greatest overall achievement in its category”. The sculptural form was applauded for its excellence in functionality, aesthetics and innovation.

" By designing a handle on the front of the bottle, rather than the side as with traditional engineering-driven bottles, and by stylistically integrating the form, the team developed a solution that is symmetric, ergonomic, beautiful, and enticing. "

You may have already seen it on the supermarket shelves, if not, check it out.

We are very proud to work with Outerspace and their talented team.

To visit Outerspace click here.