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The world's first 3D printed plane!

The promise of 3D printing has finally taken off with the development of a drone that takes just a week to create.

The plane parts took just two days to design and a further five days to print, making "Sulsa" as it is called, a one-week plane. And customising future variants of this ready made design would take only minutes on automated design software, says Jim Scanlan of the University of Southampton.

Describing the Sulsa's maiden flight, Scanlan said, "We have witnessed some technomagic today. It's very hard to believe this aircraft was just a pile of dust last Friday."

Read the whole story at New Scientist.

An Excellent Example of 3D Plaster Modelling

We recently stumbled across this project on a Slovenian 3D prototyping website. had built a model of the Soraya 46, a luxury cruiser, for a boat show.

Their pictorial story accurately highlights the benefits of ZCorp plaster composites as form models and the amazing finishes that can be achieved.

Take a look below.

1. The Cad Drawing

2. The ZCorp Plaster model in two parts

3. The completed model proior to painting and finishing

4. The Finished model ready for the show.
Well done This story really showcases teh strength sof ZCorp plaster 3D printing for models, architectural building and any other project where clients woudl like to see what the finished item will look like.

To see if 3D plaster printing is suitable for your next project, call RapidPro on 1300 559 454.

Tip Stool a finalist

We would like to congratulate Adam Weaver from Convert Studio's, one of our valued client's, for making it into the top 15 finalists in this year’s Launch Pad 2011 Design Awards.
His Tip Stool design (pictured) will be judged alongside 14 other worthy products next week, with the winner to be announmced during a VIP night in Sydney.

Launch Pad is an Australian Design programme which helps emerging designers get their name out to both national and international audiences.

Click on the following link to view the finalists online.

You can view the finalists in person at Saturday in Design, August 19 and 20. For more details click here.

Congrats Adam - we will have our fingers crossed!