Wednesday, 17 June 2015

RMIT produces 3D Printed medical models for Cancer Treatment

“Additive Manufacturing is the fastest growing sector of manufacturing globally. It is opening new product and market opportunities for Australian companies in a range of industry sectors, and RCAM researchers are excited to be helping industry partners develop new products and processes for their commercial benefit.” Milan Brandt, RMIT Centre for Additive Manufacturing (RCAM)

The Project: To create phantoms that accurately represent patient anatomy to enable best-practice radiation therapy for oncology patients. Phantoms are anatomical models which are embedded with sensors and subjected to radiation in order to identify the dosage required to target specific anatomical areas to ensure the most effective radiation treatment.

The Client: RCAM (RMIT Centre for Additive Manufacturing) brings together key research staff within several schools to generate critical research mass in Advanced Manufacturing Technology and design, helping industries to develop new products and processes based on Additive Manufacturing technologies and materials. READ MORE >>