Friday, 23 November 2012

New Black ULTEM 9085 at RapidPro!

RapidPro, inc Redeye Australasia, is pleased to announce the arrival of ULTEM 9085 Black!

Adding to the already extensive list of medical and food grade thermoplastics on offer at RedEye Australasia, Black ULTEM 9085 brings all the benefits of traditional ULTEM: being lightweight, flame-retardant and suitable for aircraft apparatus, automotive components and military application for :
  • End Use Parts
  • Form, Fit and Function Testing
  • Jigs & Fixtures
ULTEM is an ideal material for designers seeking strong, lightweight materials for their digital manufacturing projects, and being available in black, eliminated unsightly staininga nd discolouartyion presne tin teh cream version of ULTEM 9085.

ULTEM carries a variety of exceptional thermoplastic propertie including its strength to weight ratio, V-Ø rating for flame, smoke and toxicity (FST), flight certification, and high heat deflection temperature (320° F / 160° C. 

ULTEM 9085 is certified for use on commercial aircrafts** and has proven success for electric / electrical components, microwave applications, pump and valve parts, marine and automotive manufacturers.

With Black ULTEM 9085 it is even easier to build tough realistic tooling prototypes and attractive functional parts, without having to paint. Minimizer, a USA truck fender manufacturer tested black ULTEM and were very pleased with the results. Read the full case study here.

Stratasys' black ULTEM thermoplastic is used for functional prototyping by truck fender maker, Minim ...
Functional fender in Black ULTEM 9085. Photo Courtesy of Minimizer