Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The New Face of Advanced Manufacturing

Objective3D Service Bureau is transforming the manufacturing landscape through revolutionary 3D printing and custom manufacturing solutions that allow organizations to innovate rapidly, move to market quickly, and compete in a dynamically changing world.

Powered by Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, we cemented ourselves as a powerful technology leader, encouraging designers and engineers to challenge conventional approaches to manufacturing. Additive manufacturing allows for new approaches to design—something our team of engineers has spent more than a decade perfecting.

With 16 commercial grade machines providing the widest range of 3D printing technologies and materials and together with the help of our manufacturing capabilities and expertise, our customers are able to produce complex designs, previously impossible via conventional manufacturing methods, which in turn result in more advanced and higher performing products.

With more than 1500 orders received and over 100,000 parts produced in a year, Objective3D Service Bureau is helping companies in diverse industries create extraordinary new products at every phase of the production process. Our dedicated engineers are experts in their fields, from aerospace and medical to consumer products and entertainment. 

Contact us today at 03-9785 2333 (AUS)  09-801 0380 (NZ) to learn how you can empower your business with 3D printing and advanced manufacturing solutions. Alternatively, try out our INSTANT ONLINE QUOTING SYSTEM.