Wednesday, 26 June 2013

3D Printing likened to Batman's utility Belt

RapidPro shines at 3D Printing Expo

At a recent 3D Printing Expo in Mackay, Queensland, Simon Bartlett, Director and Engineering Manager of RapidPro and Redeye Australasia spoke about the future of 3D printing.

In an interview with the ABC, Simon said that Australian mining companies could make their own parts on site in a fraction of the time that it takes get parts manufactured offsite and then freighted in.

Simon described 3D printing like Batman's utility belt. “To get through his day he needs to be able call on a number of different technologies or a number of different tools. I think [3D Printing] is definitely a new tool and people are now just trying to work out how it fits in to what they do,”explained Simon to Brock Taylor of the ABC.

Read what Brock Taylor, an ABC News reporter, had to say at:

Also reported at Australian Mining: Australian Manufacturing