Wednesday, 19 June 2013

3D Printing a Chocolate Zoetrope

Last year RapidPro worked with Megafun to create another zoetrope (you may remember the TY The Tasmanian Tiger Zoetrope at ACMI), only this time, it was to resemble chocolate!

The client was Panny's Chocolate World at Phillip Island and the zoetrope is now on show as part of their delicious Chocolate World experience. 

Made using several different rapid prototyping techniques, materials and technologies, all parts had to be durable enough to withstand repetitious angular acceleration and centrifugal forces.

A combination of FDM, Objet and ZCorp technologies were needed to deliver the required results, and after one year of constant use, the Zoetrope has withstood the test of time, and continues to amaze children and adults alike.

Watch it by clicking on this link: Chocolate Zoetrope