Monday, 25 June 2012

Introducing Redeye Corporate Advantage

Calling Existing FDM machine owners!

Do you have a Dimension, U-Print, Mojo or 400MC machine and can’t keep up with your printing requirements?

Supplement your existing capabilities by utilising the facilities at Redeye Australasia (the bureau service for Stratasys and Fortus).
RedEye Australasia offers corporate rates to existing machine owners allowing them access to a full suite of machines (including 400MC and 900MC), as well as the complete range of FDM materials including Ultem, PC, PC-ISO, ABS-M30i, and ABS in a wide variety of colours.
Whether you need diversity in materials, a larger build platform or simply more machines to meet your short term requirements, take advantage of the RedEye Corporate rate and allow RedEye Australasia to supplement your existing FDM capabilities.
You already know the benefits of FDM for accurate repeatable models, prototypes and parts, and now you can gain a corporate discount for any projects that are built in the RedEye Australasia facilities because of your previous machine purchase.

To receive the corporate discount, send your existing Stratasys or Fortus serial number along with your files, and upgrade your capabilities without the capital expenditure by becoming a member of the RedEye Australasia Corporate Advantage network.
RedEye Australasia,, 1300 559 454,