Tuesday, 17 August 2010

New RapidNotes Newsletter - August 2010

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This month's edition features a 20% Off special for Plaster Prototyping projects and a great story about getting the best prototypes for your needs and budget!

In Brief

Prototyping in plaster is the cheapest rapid prototyping technique available. It is cost effective, and an excellent way of presenting a model or mock-up to your clients.

Available in full colour, plaster prototypes are built using 3D layering. The plaster is then infiltrated and strengthened with polyurethane.

Popular with graphic artists, we have used this technique
for architectural testing and display, gaming characters (right), artists
marquettes and packaging redesigns.

Plaster is a versatile material which can be hand-finished in many different ways. It can be chromed to resemble metal, such as the tap and faucet (right), or sprayed with a high gloss to give the appearance of baked enamel, like a bus (below).

We can build projects in one piece to the size of 380x 250x200mm or in sections which are fitted together and sprayed to create a seamless finish.
To discuss how you can use plaster prototypes or for a plaster quote on your next project, call RapidPro on 1300 559 454.