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Expert Engineering & 3D Printing

Making a quality 3D printed part takes more than just a machine. It takes a responsive team behind the technology, running tests and working tirelessly to validate materials and processes. For machine owners, that is generally an internal team who champions 3D printing engineering and operations. Service bureaus like Objective3D Direct Manufacturing can do the same and also offer expertise across multiple additive and conventional technologies, manufacturing controls adhering to international standards and finishing services that deliver pristine, cosmetic parts.

At Objective3D Direct Manufacturing, our services are backed by more than the largest fleet of machines in Australia and New Zealand; we have nearly forty years of combined experience in the industry and our professional services department are ready to assist you with every step of your project. Outlined below are key ways these services could impact your business.

Professional Services
The time to wait is over; slow adoption of 3D printing is proving to be a disadvantage. Our professional services team brings your company up to speed quickly on the latest in additive manufacturing (AM) and provides your team with the right engineering resources to implement additive manufacturing where it counts.

We offer on-site additive consulting services. Our experts will perform a comprehensive assessment of your current manufacturing operations and pinpoint where you can implement additive manufacturing to fill inefficiency gaps in your processes. By evaluating your existing manufacturing methods, identifying where additive manufacturing can be utilized, and offering AM engineering design resources, we can get your team on the way to improved productivity, safety improvements, and overall better product quality.

These findings are then delivered to your company through an all-inclusive report that details a clear road map to the adoption of AM technology. The report identifies target applications that lend themselves to an AM solution, recommends best manufacturing technologies and materials, and proposes how we can assist in continued adoption.

Having proficient, well-trained staff is also a critical component to successful AM adoption. Our professional services team offers educational workshops tailored to your company’s needs. The educational modules offered address topics like selecting the right AM technology for your engineering applications, designing components for additive manufacturing, AM centered tooling design, and more.

Direct to Manufacturing
Often times, AM focused engineering design offers the ideal solution for a client’s needs. If you’re looking for existing component design modifications or want to develop an engineering application from the square one, we offer full 3D design and engineering solutions including design for manufacturing, manufacturing tooling design, and existing product optimization.

We can move your design from 2D conceptual ideas to a fully defined, accurate, three dimensional model. First hand, in-depth collaboration with Objective3D Direct Manufacturing mechanical designers ensures a full understanding of your application and the guarantee that the final result will meet or exceed your expectations.

Manufacturing Done Differently
Often times, a business’ needs and challenges are so unique that the solution must be too. Our professional services team offers in-depth services from prototype to production across a suite of additive and traditional technologies. Our wealth of materials and process expertise means you have the power and potential to develop a truly customized answer to your problem.

We’re focused on delivering comprehensive solutions that allow you to make the most of your additive manufacturing investment and enable your business to shape its future. With decades of experience with across most all manufacturing industries, our application engineers can tailor research and development initiatives to garner a customized solution for your application. Their combined experience in these specified niches allow them to focus on customers who have larger challenges and want to push the limits of what’s possible with AM today.

By leveraging our engineers, your company will discover new value added opportunities that may not have been originally considered which will result in an expedited time-to-market. A proven track record of success built on creativity and proactive out-of-the-box solutions puts our professional services team above the rest.

About Objective3D Direct Manufacturing
At Objective3D Direct Manufacturing (formerly known as RapidPro and Redeye Australasia), 3D printing and custom manufacturing is our core and we’ve been doing this for over 12 years. Located in Carrum Downs, Victoria, at the Objective3D Additive Manufacturing Centre, the largest of its kind in Australia and New Zealand, we offer a wide selection of solutions which includes Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM), Polyjet, EOS Selective Laser Sintering(SLS), Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), Vacuum Casting, Injection Moulding and CNC. Objective 3D Direct Manufacturing is ISO 9001 certified and is a part of the Global Stratasys Direct Manufacturing Network. For more information, visit

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