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3D Printing Seminars help manufacturers accelerate design-to-manufacturing workflows.

3D printing technology has been in use by the manufacturing industry for many years but many businesses which could benefit from the technology have yet to adopt it. There are many reasons for this slow adoption - many do not understand how 3d printers function, how does the technology fit into their work flow, what their long term costs and cost savings maybe, or which printers would be best for their particular businesses. 

As leaders within the 3D printing industry, Objective3D understands this lack of information within the market place. Since April of last year to date, the company has hosted over 18 "Manufacturing the Future" Seminars around Australia and New Zealand focused primary at informing, educating, and inspiring local businesses, designers, engineers,educators, entrepreneurs and other professional around Australia and New Zealand on the applications and benefits of 3D Printing. These seminars have been a huge success, both in educating and driving businesses to either adopt Objective3D's range of Stratasys 3D printer solutions or to use the 3D printing and custom manufacturing services offered by Objective3D Direct Manufacturing. Many have even traveled interstate to the Melbourne Seminar to tour the Objective3D Additive Manufacturing Centre, the largest commercial based 3D Printing facility in the country which houses the widest range of FDM and PolyJet Machines including consumables and spare parts.

Seminars were held in various cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Wagga-Wagga, Newcastle, Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch and have managed to reach over 900 individuals. The latest concluded on 13th and 20th April at Flinders University SA and the University Technology Sydney, where Objective3D's latest metal solutions offering was introduced to over 130 individuals from the aerospace, defense, automotive, industrial / consumer products, dental, education, architectural industries as well as the government departments.

Objective3D will continue offering this seminar series in the coming months with events in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth all locked in. Stay tuned for an email invite or if you would like to be included in an invite, send an email to

All Objective3D Seminars will cover the following:
  • Insight into how 3D Printers can be used to grow your business, and assist in creating a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Real life examples of Direct Digital Manufacturing and learn how they use 3D Printing Technology in their businesses. 
  • Learn how to diversify your current business model to achieve growth among your existing client base while attracting new clients with the use of Stratasys 3D Production Systems.
  • An opportunity to have your questions answered by Objective3D and Stratasys industry and technology experts.
  • Design best practices for 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing. Learn about direct digital manufacturing - the Cost, Time, Quality and IP benefits it presents.
  • An introduction to 3D printing and custom manufacturing services.

Objective3D's mission is totally focused on using the "Manufacturing the Future" seminar series to not only expand the market for this technology but to also educate the various industries on the latest technologies including metal solutions offering. For those of you who are not able to attend any of our seminars but would like to know more about how Objective3D can assist you in using 3D Printing technology to grow your business, then send send an email to in order to arrange for an individual meeting.

About Objective3D
Objective3D is Australia and New Zealand’s leading provider of Stratasys and Makerbot 3D Printer Solutions for designers, educators and manufacturers. We are the only Stratasys reseller in Australia and New Zealand that provides both 3D Printer Solutions and 3D Printing Bureau Service through a state-of-the-art Additive Manufacturing Centre which houses the largest range of FDM and PolyJet Machines including consumables and spare parts. Objective3D is a certified ISO 9001 company and has won the Stratasys Customer Service Excellence Award in 2013 and 2015. For more information, visit or

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