Thursday, 11 September 2014

RUOK? Day - 11 September 2014

It's R U OK day today! Make sure you take the time to have a meaningful conversation with someone and listen to find out if they are OK.

Sir Richard Branson said, "If you can't see someone in person, the next best thing is to call and ask “are you ok?” As friends, we can listen and let them know we care. Come on Australia, let's put the voice back into conversation."

R U OK? Ambassador and actor Simon Baker said "We have horrible droughts in this country; we have bushfires and other incidents where Australians band together. We have proven that we have the strength and the power to stand together as a community. To be able to show that same strength as individuals and have conversations one-on-one with friends would be an incredible step forward for us all”

Last year RedEye Australasia 3D Printed the functional RUOK question marks that traveled all around Australia to raise awareness. Find out about the project at: