Friday, 17 May 2013

National Manufacturing Week 2013

RapidPro has just finished up a very exciting week at NMW 2013 where we were pleased to showcase Black Ultem as well as all the processes we carry out at our factory in Mornington.

We were able to highlight many of the new advances in 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing as well as the improvements in "Clear" printed materials and overmoulded Objet Connex parts. 

Many Stratasys machine owners were also surprised to hear about the discounted corporate rate for 3D printing offered by RedEye Australasia as a way of supporting machine owners when they need materials or services that they do not have in-house. Mention the RedEye Corporate Advantage when you place your next order if you have not been receiving this discount or if you have a backlog of printing that you would like to outsource.

It was also a great opportunity to upgrade our promotional material ... some people may be able to recognise the surfer at the bottom of our new poster!!!

Please call to discuss your project requirements with our qualified engineers, they oversee your project through every step of the 3D printing and prototyping process and are happy to help with any questions, queries and concerns you may have about meeting your project goals, and timelines.