Wednesday, 18 January 2012

ZCorp produces amazing Architectural Models

This month's ZCorp newsletter showcased some truely amazing architectural models that had been designed and printed by various people from around the world.

Here are just a few of the models:
Christmas Castle
Created by: JWP Design; Designed by: John Penn
Printed on Z650 with zp150 & Z-Bond 90

OMSK Dormition Cathedral
Created by:CYBERCOM (Russia)Modeled by: Nikita Istratiy(using 3DS Max)Printed on Z650 w/ zp150 & Z-Bond 90
Shinryo Team S Plant
Courtesy of Shinryo Corp.
Printed on Z650 with zp150
The Cathedral of Christ The Savior
Created by: CYBERCOM (Russia); Modeled by: Ilya Trubchatkin (using 3DS Max)
Printed on Z650 with zp150 & Z-Bond 90

These 3D architectural models highlight the capabilities and possibilities for printing 3D models using ZCorp plaster composites on the Z650, just like the ZPrinter used at RapidPro.

A versatile and affordable model solution, architectural models, similar to those shown above, can be built and delivered to your door within one week.

For more information contact RapidPro on phone 1300559454 or