Thursday, 17 February 2011

Prototyping: From Idea to Completion

Designers, artists and engineers come to RapidPro with a concept or an idea. Sometimes it is a sketch, but most often it is a CAD file.

From the CAD file a rapid prototype is built (sometimes referred to as printed).

Rapid prototypes can be built using many different prototyping processes and materials. The material and process chosen is usually based on:
1. The requirements of the prototype
2. It's purpose
3. The timeframe
4. The budget

Plaster prototypes such as this can be chromed to look like metal if required. They are much cheaper than metal prototypes and much quicker to build. However, they are not as strong and cannot be used for strength testing, only form studies.

The rapid prototype is then made to the specifications outlined by the designer.

It can then be finished to look like the final product or left in it's raw state depending on the clients requirements.

The designer then receives approval for the project, wins the tender or the contract and proceeds with manufacturing or building of the final project.

Take the guesswork out of your next project with a Rapid Prototype. They are inexpensive and may just turn your idea into a reality.