Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Smoothing station receives rave reviews

The new year has just commenced and we have already been receiving rave reviews about the improved FDM surface finish from our new Stratasys Smoothing Station.

Here are just a couple of responses:

"Just got the part. WOW. Very Impressive."
Oliver Kratzer
Managing Director Ideal Industrial
National President of the Design Institute of Australia

"The ABS parts from the finishing station have a smooth surface finish. We usually prepare and paint our prototypes but the surface finish is adequate for testing as is with minimal skin friction losses. The hydro-dynamic performance of the parts is great."
Michael Urch
Elemental Energy Technologies LTD

Try it yourself by visiting redeye australasia and placing and order over the internet or email us for a sample at enquiries@redeyerpm.com.au.