Tuesday, 29 June 2010

RapidPro has been "Green" for 1 year!

RapidPro has always been an environmentally friendly business, but with concerns about global warming, the escalation of greenhouse gas emissions as well as our massive water shortages, we decided that it was time to take a fresh approach to our entire operation.

RapidPro is proud to celebrate our one year anniversary as a Carbon Neutral business. Aside from tree planting to offset our emmissions, we have also employed new water saving technologies and are recycling even more from the prototyping technologies used in-house.


Objet prototyping uses high pressure water to remove support material required during the building of a prototype. Most commercial 'wash stations' are connected to mains water and the water that is used is simply washed away.
Instead, RapidPro has engineered its own wash station which enables the recycling of this water, using 90% less water than conventional parts baths or wash stations. This is a massive saving for the environment, with no impact on the finished product.


Building prototypes through Fused Deposition Modelling involves receiving the thermoplastic material in cartridges.
These cartridges have a metal case, plastic spool and IT chip. At RapidPro, when we finish a cartridge, it is completely broken down into it's various components for recycling.
The metal is sent to scrap metal for recycling, the plastic is recycled and the IT chip is sent back to RedEye in the USA where it can be used in other FDM cartridges.
We took the initiative to look into how we could reduce the waste from these cartridges, and now we produce much less waste, resources are not being used unnecessarily, and every useful component is being recycled or reused.


RapidPro is proud celebrate our first year as a carbon neutral business.
100% of emissions used in the making of prototypes, freight, and everyday running of the business are completely offset by the planting of trees.
"We were already running a 'Green Office'," says Simon Bartlett; "So this was the next step to minimising our impact on the environment."
RapidPro has planted more than 1000 trees in the last 12 months as well as looking at additional ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.
"Most packaging is recycled, as well as shredding our own waste paper and using this as packaging material," says Simon. "This was the first step we took to establishing a 'Green Office' and we have simply continued from there."
"Becoming carbon neutral was a natural progression and something we are really proud of."