Thursday, 20 May 2010

Rapid Prototyping revolutionizes manufacturing

RedEye on demand, leaders in Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM), are revolutionizing manufacturing using FDM to eliminate the need for costly tooling.
Innovation No 1: Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM)
DDM has now become a reality thanks to FDM technology. Parts are built directly from CAD (STL) files in the thermoplastic materials used in manufacturing such as PC and ABS. With RedEye’s FDM technique, it’s easy to produce identical parts in production quantities that you require, with no minimum order requirements. And if a small change is required, it’s as easy as loading a new CAD file and rebuilding the part to the new specs. No wasted tools and shorter lead times.
Innovation No 2: Injection Moulding
Traditional methods of injection moulding were slow (taking up to 6 weeks to get the mould) and costly. Now with RedEye on demand’s Injection Moulds, you can get a mould within days, and for a fraction of the cost. Capable of producing hundreds of shots, RedEye FDM moulds are accurate, affordable and the ideal low cost production tool.
Innovation No 3: Paper Pulp Tooling
Packaging has undergone a massive shift, with moulded fibre packaging now preferred. With this realisation has come the need for paper pulp tools and FDM is the perfect fit due to its porosity, short lead times and versatility. It is the ideal low cost production tool to ensure faultless moulded fibre packaging.
Innovation No 4: Blow Moulding
Blow moulding, also known as blow forming, can also be run on FDM moulds eliminating lengthy lead times and high cost tools. Instead, FDM produces a low cost production mould suitable for hundreds of shots for only a fraction of the cost in just a couple of days instead of weeks.
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